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2015 Kenworth Vac Truck :: 5000 gallon tank

Last Friday afternoon we hit the road for quick overnight roadtrip to Galva, IL population 2,559. Why Galva, IL... it's home to where our newest Schlomka truck was completed. Three months ago we dropped Kenny off  at LMT.

Between then and now a custom tank was built, painted and assembled on to the truck.

After a couple months of checking in on progress being made, via a live shop webcam- we received word that our truck was finally done!

 With 5 of us piled into the pickup, including an almost 3 year old, we stopped overnight in DeWitt, IA. After a short night of sleep, Saturday morning, we were all up at 6am to get back on the road. With only being about an hour and a half away from Galva, we made a quick stop for breakfast. Soon to follow, we pulled into the parking lot of LMT and there she was, BIG, BLUE and PURDY!!!

While the guys walked, talked, inspected, toured and paid bills. The little and I played amongst the dandelions and sunshine.

[Eugene 'Hank' Schlomka]

We took a few pictures. It was only appropriate for me to get a picture of my child on the back of a pump truck- seeing that I have pictures of me her same age on the back of a new pump truck back in the day a LONG time ago! ;)

[top photo: me 1985 / bottom photo: my daughter 2014]
It was around 11am when we pulled out of Galva and head back for home. The guys took turns driving the new rig back home to MN. After spending two long days in the car, we were all pretty tired, both physically & mentally. All around just OVER being in a pickup for hours on end.

Back in the shop we took a quick inventory of all the trucks and then called it a night! It was a great trip, a fun experience and the anticipation of seeing a brand new piece of equipment that we work so hard for day in and day out is pretty rewarding.


Have you traveled by car to pick up something new for your company?


Website Makeover: a work in progress

Hello!! It has been quite some time since our last post, a little over a year, AN ENTIRE YEAR!?

That can only mean one thing... we might be just a little bit busy, which is a wonderful thing!

While Winter might be our slowest time of the year, we keep busy tending to all of the little things that make a BIG impact in our busiest seasons; Spring, Summer & Fall. One project, this Winter, includes an overhaul/makeover/facelift to our website! Have you made a visit to our site, yet?

We went live with this site in February 2010 and unfortunately, haven't done much with it since.

In the span of 3 years we have turned over ALL of our featured equipment that you see on the sight. We have our entire fleet decaled with our logo and graphics so that very everything matches and cohesive. Seeing all of our trucks on a job site and knowing exactly who the company is that is doing work, is a very pretty thing. We can't wait to share all of this and MORE with the world- the world of the inter web.

In the meantime, share with us what it is that you look for in a business website and what might you shy away from? Feel free to share a link to some of you favorites!


Have you made the decision to do a website makeover and if so, did you do it yourself?


* Remote Working aka #workshifting

With being in charge of a lot everything office related, there becomes a need for #workshifting.

What is "work shifting", you might ask!? This is when you need to have to work from someplace OTHER than your main office/work space.

With working from home and during an office overhaul/remodel- our go to resource when working remotely is GoToMyPC The ease of this website is incredible. I can do everything right from the comforts or UNcomforts of my temporary workspace.

Here are a couple of personal examples of my #workshifting in the last couple of years:
  • a hotel room while away for continuing education class hours
  • the hospital after giving birth to my daughter
  • the couch in my home (where i lived post c-section from delivering my daughter)
  • a condo in Florida while overlooking the beautiful Gulf of Mexico!
and one of the most recent...
  • a card table that covered in chalky hand prints from my "little helper" {said daughter} ;)

this last example of #workshifting ALSO won me $50 from Amazon via GoToMyPC.com! I follow them on facebook and noticed a little weekly contest in their feed. I of course got right on this one, it was a fun and creative way to talk about some of the fun and mostly random places GoToMyPC allows me to work from. So I submitted, kind of forgot about it until... this appeared in my hotmail inbox:

Hi Andrea

Good news! You’re photo was chosen as last week’s GoToMyPC Workshifting contest winner! We’ll announce you as the winner later today and feature your photo on our Facebook cover image this week (www.facebook.com/gotomypc)

We have a $50 Amazon gift card for you too – can you please send me the mailing address where you’d like it sent?

Rhonda H

I was excited and LOVE the bragging rights as well! Thank you again Rhonda and Citrix/GoToMyPC.com for picking/noticing one of my many interesting places of work- oh the joys of being a SAHWM!


What/Where is the most interesting situation that you have found yourself #workshifting?
Do you use GoToMyPC.com?


Transforming Kenworth

Our latest fleet update includes BIG changes to our former Red Kenworth.

When we first purchased the "Red Ken" she looked like this:

We removed the dump box, added a tank, she then she looked like this:

Finally- we did an entire makeover and now she is pretty as can be!

Next up, we will share out Jet truck update- this one is FANTASTIC!


2 Questions:
Why are all vehicles referred to as a "she"?
Have you recently added to your fleet and or made any updates?


Temp Office Assistant

It's been quite a while since our last post to the blog. Working from home definitely has it's ups and down.

The ups being; zero commute, being able to stay at home with child(ren), breakfast and lunch at home, being able to easily keep up on everyday chores around the house.

The downs being; work is never left "at work", often times work can run into the late evening hours- including the weekends, and, simply, just the distractions of every day life.

Earlier this month we had our niece visiting for a week. She was willing, able and eager to help out in as many ways as possible. It was WONDERFUL having this extra hand with baby so that more focused work could be done. More importantly during the productive nap times, her and I really got to work! This 13 year old took away a brand new set of skills. Hannah learned the ins and outs of Z-folds, signing checks, opening mailed payments, filing invoiced that are to be paid and mailing out these same A/R invoices, she even kept busy organizing reports and the dreaded receipt pile. It was safe to say that being an office girl for a week was pretty fun for her!

It's been MONTHS since I have been this caught up on work in the office. The list of things can, most of the time, seem endless! With Hannah's GREAT amount of help- work isn't hanging like a heavy cloud these days. I am thinking that an office assistant is a WONDERFUL idea! ;)


In what ways would an assistant, work or personal, be helpful to you?


Home Office

We have officially been in a home office for about a year now! It's been a while since I have been able to update the blog- but time management is still something to be mastered with having an almost 3 month old home/in office helping us answer phones.


any tips out there from you working from home mommas- how do you do it?


Schlomka Softball: 2011

Nothing can stop a team that is on fire; not hot weather and not the rainy weather!

We proudly sponsor the team; 'Schlomka Services'. They are an all men's softball team playing in a Men's Softball League of Lino Lakes, MN. In previous years the guys have also played in Champlin and Crystal, MN. The guys play every Tuesday night, double header games, starting at 6:15pm & 7:20pm.

{2011 jerseys thanks to Rick Wagner with Xtreme Custom Apparel & Promotions}

They started their season with the first game on April 26th and the last game is scheduled for July 12th. Only a couple of games have been rained out AND our guys are the sole undefeated team!

As a "team manager" I personally think they are the best team out there AND also the best team displaying a fun attitude, good sportsmanship and a GREAT mix of funny personalities.

These guys have all been friends since college {some even high school} and really enjoy the game- it's a fun and relaxed way to spend their Tuesday nights.

Below is a team photo really showing you just how much fun they have on Tuesday Nights: despite the occasional {once in 5 years} 100+ degree weather!

Keep up the good works guys!

If you are in the Lino area on Tuesday nights- stop by to cheer us on! We'd love to see you!


Do you have any local sports teams and leagues that your company proudly sponsors?


we got an "A"

If you are not apart of Angie's List yet, you should be! It's a GREAT tool, it's free and it provides the "looking & seeking" customer the opportunity to fill out a report, giving your company a letter grade based on your work and service provided to them.

Our latest report was submitted by a new and happy customer in North Oaks.

Here is what he had to say:

North Oaks requires septic service at least every two years.  I searched Angie's for providers and Schlomka matched one of the companies named by North Oaks.  They are very easy to deal with and showed up ahead of schedule.  It's the first time for the service as a new home owner, so we didn't know what to expect.  North Oaks requires a written report for which they charge $17 and is passed on to the customer.  Since there has been little use of the home while we undergo renovation, they did not have much to pump out, so I have no idea how the price might compare for fuller usage.

Went very well, as far as we know.  We were not on sight at the time Schlomkas was doing the work.  He called to make a report...not much to add to this


So as you can see it's to the point, he was happy with the service that we provided and we hope to hang onto him as another Schlomka customer in the future!


In what ways are you able to receive positive feedback and or constructive criticism from your customers?


Ending Dates Posted for SLR

Per The Minnesota Department of Transportation

The ENDING DATE of Spring Load Restrictions in the SOUTHEAST and METRO FROST ZONES will be Monday, May 2, 2011 at 12:01 AM.

The ENDING DATE of Spring Load Restrictions in the SOUTH FROST ZONE will be Monday, May 9, 2011 at 12:01 AM.

The ENDING DATE of Spring Load Restrictions in the CENTRAL FROST ZONE will be Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at 12:01 AM.

The ENDING DATE of Spring Load Restrictions in the NORTH-CENTRAL and NORTH FROST ZONES will be Friday, May 13, 2011 at 12:01 AM.

Which zone are you in? Happy Spring Pumping!


Marian of St. Paul: Wine Classic

This month I attended Marian of St. Paul's 2nd Annual Wine Classic. Jamie 'Schlomka' Mann, has worked with Marian for almost five years. She is the reason we were able to get in on this fun event.

Schlomka Services was able to donate a portion of the sponsorship, and in return we received two event tickets. Our support in this event will go towards the enhancement of programs and services provided to the residents and participating elders of Marian. It was really fun stopping by the Elder's Wish Table- which showcased a variety of large wine glasses, each containing an item that the residents of Marian would like to utilize. These items ranged anywhere from iPods and TVs to folding tables and docking stations.

At the event guests were able to enjoy all kinds of delicious appetizers and five different tables with 20+ plus; red wines, white wines and dessert wines. Marian's event partner, where all of the wine can be found, was St. Paul's Morelli's Market.

While sipping and tasting it was fun walking around the event, meeting other guests, browsing the decor and the silent auction where many other generous donations were made.

All in all it was a great event, we were happy to be apart of it and hopefully it's something that we can look forward to again next year!


What events does your company take part in as far sponsorships year after year?