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Fun Share

I thought this was both wonderful and a great thing to share with you...

Last evening I was browsing Carol Schlomka's facebook profile. Carol is {aka: Grandma Schlomka} & {fka: Schlomka's VP}.

It was great to see her interests listed as follows;

  • Schlomka Services LLC
  • Schlomka's Portable Restrooms & Pressure Washing
  • Schlomka's Vac Truck Service Inc {see link}

I also know that if Schlomka Excavating were to have a fan page, she most certainly would be a fan of their page & company as well.

It's a great reminder that the Schlomka's have plenty of experience in the world of entrepreneurship- also another great reason to give the Schlomka's {any one of us!} a call today!

Does your family also have separate businesses with the family name incorporated into the company name? If so, what's your company?

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